How To Make Paper Pinwheels!

How To Make Paper Pinwheels

I really love making these cute and fun paper pinwheels! They’re easy and colorful! I am redoing my bedroom and I thought these would look great in it! Let me show you how to make paper pinwheels!

Paper Pinwheel Supplies

Here are the materials you will need:

Pretty Scrapbook Paper (6″ X 6″)

Hole Punch


Wooden Dowels

Washi Tape


Hot Glue Gun

Paper Pinwheels Step 1

First, fold your paper in half to make the shape of a triangle.

Paper Pinwheels Step 2

Unfold the paper and turn it around.

Paper Pinwheels Step 3

Fold the paper into a triangle the other way.

Paper Pinwheels Step 4

Poke a hole in the middle of the paper.

Paper Pinwheels Step 5

In each crease cut half way to the hole in the center.

Paper Pinwheels Step 6

Punch a hole in every other corner…see photo below.

Paper Pinwheels Step 7

This is what your paper should look like.

Paper Pinwheels Step 8

Place a brad in one of the holes and go around one way slipping all of the holes onto the bottom of the brad.

Paper Pinwheels Step 9

When you get them all on, poke the pointed end of the brad through the back of the pinwheel.

Paper Pinwheels Step 10

Now push the prongs of the brad down to keep it in place.

Paper Pinwheels Step 11

Cover the wooden dowel with washi tape.

Paper Pinwheels Step 12

Then, use your hot glue gun to glue the wooden dowel to the back of the pinwheel.

How to make paper pinwheels in minutes

I made a bunch of them. I think I might have gone a little pinwheel crazy!

How to make a paper pinwheel with See Kate Create

Happy Creating!

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